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Who we are

Tea Horse is a contemporary Tea Room & Shop based in Thunder Bay, Ontario founded by Denise Atkinson and Marc Bohemier.  We are merchants of authentic, ethically-sourced premium whole leaf teas and herbal infusions. 

Our accomplished Canada-based suppliers are expert tasters who personally select premium quality teas from only the finest growers and producers throughout the World. All of the teas in our selection emphasize the subtleties concealed in each leaf, the adept plucking method, the distinctiveness of the terroir, and the artisanal skills of the tea master. 

At Tea Horse, our focus is on the unrivalled complexity, purity, and flavour of the simple Camellia Sinensis tea leaf. We let our premium teas take centre stage and support them with a collection of impeccably curated classic blends and herbal infusions.  


Our name & logo

Our name and logo pay homage to the Ancient Tea Horse Road and the Indigenous Peoples who lived and worked the lands surrounding it. 

The Tea Horse Road was a network of rugged mountain trails that were used for the trading of tea, horses, salt and other commodities from the far southwest of China, Tibet, and beyond.  

The trails date back to the era of the Tang dynasty in the 7th century and were used for trade purposes up until the mid-20th century.

Taste & Learn

Private Tea Tasting


We host private evening sessions for groups of up to six to explore the world of the amazing tea leaf. We cover everything from where tea is grown and how it's produced, to the impact terroir has on it's aroma and flavour characteristics. We will  taste our way through a selection of white, green, Oolong, black, aged teas and herbal infusions. 

$35 per person for a two hour session. 

Workshops & Talks


Would you like to do an event with us? We can host a workshop or a talk at our Tea Room. 

We are eager to share our love of tea with people of all ages!

Venue for Hire


Are you looking to host an intimate afternoon tea party, working lunch, or birthday celebration for up to 12 people? 

Tea Horse  will provide the tea and arrange for a menu to suit your needs. 

Stable of Teas / Price List

Oolong | Pu'er | Black | Green | Darjeeling | Herbal

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Tea Horse

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